Scoring Right

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Scoring Right is the most comprehensive personal tennis score keeper. Keep track of points, games and sets. Know the score at a glance and never forget from which side of the court to serve. Scoring right attaches to the inside or out side of your racquet throat. Weighing less than 1.9g

Scoring Right is the first and only ITF conforming racquet attached score keeper.


Scoring Right tennis score keeper attaches to the inside or outside of your racquet throat.

Thoroughly clean your racquet with alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol)

Let the alcohol dry completely before application

Peel back adhesive protection from larger unit (Points and Games) scoreboard and gently place on racquet. Ensure desired alignment before pressing firmly.

Firmly press and hold while maintaining pressure for 30 seconds.

Repeat for second unit (Sets)

It is best to set aside for 2 hours, or overnight for adhesive to strengthen. Strength of adhesive will increase over time.

Scoring Right uses 3M brand and is designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Bondage will not weaken even on the hottest days and harshest conditions.


Scoring - Decide which bead represents your score, and which represents your opponent's. Move the beads with the tip of your thumb as you progress through the points of the game, set match. Beads will move more freely with time.

Serving - When your Points beads are both on a same color Black/Black or Red/Red; serve from the Deuce court (Right side of the court).

When the beads are Red/Black or Black/Red; serve from the Advantage (Ad) court (Left side of the court).


Installation Instruction Video