About us

Welcome to Racquet Inc Tennis Gifts!

My name is Conrad Klank, former college tennis player, designer, photographer, order packer, and smiling face behind Racquet Inc Tennis Gifts. I am passionate about bringing to market new, unique, colorful, and whimsical gifts to inspire lightheartedness and fun gift giving. I have been in the tennis retail industry since 2011, and saw a need for different gift options, so I did something about it! Founded in 2016, based in Dayton, OH, Racquet Inc Tennis Gifts aims to provide affordable but high-quality gifts and accessories for athletes of all ages.

Let us help you pick out cute tennis, pickleball, & golf gifts for your friends & family!

If you're interested in wholesale opportunities (we'd love to work with you), or if you'd just like to get in touch with us, please email us at: gifts@racquetinc.com